Emeryville, ca | cozy coffee moment

I must have been an underground animal in my previous life. If I could, I would live in the Cottage Tales world of Beatrix Potter. This fantasy was inspired by my cozy morning at Polaris Cafe in Emeryville, CA.

Mr Sweetie had a routine doctor’s appointment early in the morning on Indigenous People’s Day where it happened to be a holiday for me. I went with him to his appointment and left him there after he was checked in instead of me waiting in the waiting area.

My search for a coffee shop lead me into a cozy indoor oasis that was totally unexpected. It was like being inside a greenhouse. Tall trees and rich green foliage surrounded the slabs of rock tables. The cafe felt hidden and mysterious as it was located inside an office building.

I ordered a chai latte with oatmilk and avocado toast with fried egg. The cafe might not be a destination place but it was a hidden gem. Not being a morning person, I remember rare enjoyable mornings of solitude because they are rare. (I would rather sleep in! Ha! Ha!) This particular chilly fall morning has been added to that list and will be fondly remembered. I was able to read while I enjoyed sipping my sweet coffee. The avocado toast was simple but nice. That morning was pure bliss. When I returned to the clinic, Mr Sweetie’s appointment was done. He was very hungry so we had to go to brunch which was a second one for me that morning!

October 14, 2019, Indigenous People Holiday

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