Popeye’s fried chicken sandwich

I did it. I bit into Popeye’s Fried Chicken and joined the 2019 Fried Chicken Sandwich War. I know that I am late to the party.

Mr Sweetie had to work last Saturday. We just wanted a quick Saturday date night meal and were getting ready to go to the German pub down the street where we have been to numerous times. Since it has been our date night practice to go to a restaurant that we have not been to yet, he suggested, “How about Popeye’s fried chicken sandwich?!”

I went along with it. Without intending to sound snobbish, I do not eat fast food. (Except for Habit Burger about twice a year.) We live just mere minutes from the the birthplace of Alice Waters’ Slow Food Movement in Berkeley, CA. Fresh food is everywhere we turn. I really do not see any reason why I should be choosing Burger King, McDonald’s, etc over healthy food and supporting local businesses at the same time.

I also do not care for fried chicken sandwiches. I will admit, though, that I love fried chicken most especially the day after. I love to eat it cold. I know that I am weird like that. (I also like pizza and lasagna cold.)

Off we drove to Popeye’s. Mr Sweetie already warned me that it is located in not the nicest part of town which is why we decided to take our meal to go. We ordered the infamous fried chicken sandwich. It was a combo and came with soda and fries. I chose Cajun fries. Mr Sweetie got the regular sandwich while I got the spicy one.

We also ordered 8 pieces fried chicken as well. There was a short line when we got there at around 6 pm on Saturday evening. The patrons were a little rough around the edges. Maybe it was just the neighborhood that we chose. Ordering was a breeze. It took all but 5 minutes to order, pay and get our food. While waiting in the line, I saw freshly fried chicken parts being turned on the counter. My mouth was watering for fried chicken.

When we got home, I was planning to just have a couple of bites just to taste this chicken sandwich that people tragically died for before I move on to the fried chicken. Well, let me end this story now — one bite turned into two and I just gave in and devoured the sandwich. The meat was tender. The flavors were savory and very tasty. The skin was crispy while the sauce added to the deliciousness of the entire sandwich. The brioche bun was perfect and did not fall apart. I dipped my sandwich in spicy sauce in between bites. I accidentally opened a packet of honey as well and I also dipped my sandwich in it. It was delicious like eating fried chicken and waffles. (It you have not tried the combo, you should. It is a perfect marriage in culinary heaven.)

I am chagrined to say that I am craving Popeye’s fried chicken sandwich again as I am writing this post. I still have some leftover fried chicken which were also delicious hot or cold. I skipped the Cajun fries as they were already cold when we got home. Fries are not something that I like to eat cold unlike pizza, lasagna and fried chicken.

I will also say that this is when fast food trumps bougie/upscale dining. Down the street from where we live is a butchery that sells $14 fried chicken sandwich. I remember not liking it at all. I have been converted and it is Popeye’s fried chicken for me from now on! (I know that the war is between Popeye’s, McD and Chick-Fil-A). There is no Chick-Fil-A close to where we live but if I run into one, I will try it. McD not so much. As much as it was fun jumping on the pop culture bandwagon, I do not want to develop a fast food habit. Not for 2020 or ever.

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