One beautiful spring day

These photos were taken on March 4, less than two weeks before shelter in place.It was a gorgeous sunny day in Berkeley, CA. I sat by the water and had a quiet lunch while watching the boats sailing on the calm waters. I got to enjoy a nice walk with my colleagues during our break from the workshop we attended nearby. As they were walking ahead of me, I saw a squirrel sunning on the warm rocks. I did not stop until I got to take pictures of it which was usually hard because squirrels are often quick to dart out of view. The day was chilly but sunny and clear. Golden Gate Bridge as well the San Francisco skyline could be seen from a distance.

This day is a good reminder that we will once again enjoy beautiful sunny days like this day where we can freely walk with our friends and loved ones, smell the flowers and breathe in the fresh air.

Keep hope alive!

2 responses to “One beautiful spring day”

  1. Your photos are stunning! I wish I could visit the location! You’re absolutely right, hope is alive 😊 The area looks very peaceful. And your sandwich looks so yummy! It’s refreshing to reflect on joyful memories and count our blessings, especially while we’re all at home right now 🙂

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    • Thank you! Those photos were the last ones I have taken while being freely outdoors. We are allowed to go out for a walk in our neighborhoods but the parks and beaches are closed. They will not remain close forever, though! 🙂 Take care.

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