Gratitude post | may 2020

It is with great humility that I dedicate this month’s post to honor the life of George Floyd who was brutally murdered on May 25, 2020 while in the custody of the police. The entire world most likely watched the grisly final moments of George Floyd’s life as he was grasping for breath, pleading for his life and asking for his deceased mother. My words fail me in articulating the sadness and anger that I feel, and disappointment in humanity when thinking about what has happened to him and so many Black brothers and sisters throughout the history of the United States as they have suffered racial injustices and lost their lives to hatred and racism.

The last week of May going into June was dark and difficult. I almost did not want to write this post as everything else seemed almost inconsequential in the light of what has transpired this month — the protests against police brutality, rage, cry for justice, despondency and pain. I was in the middle of it all where I work and live. Even though I did not join any of the protest as I was terrified of the riots and looting, and also still concerned about COVID-19, I have been a witness to this moment in history where everyone collectively came together to ask for justice while chanting Black Lives Matter. I was humbled to see families with children walk in droves by my house to get to one of the protest sites. While we saw on television the violent riots, there were many peaceful and respectful protests such as the ones that pass by my house — all 2000 people of all ages and it ended peacefully.

In the tradition of this blog series of monthly gratitude posts, I have decided to still write to remember simple joys and gratitude. As I have created this blog, my main goal is to remember the beautiful little things that we are blessed with to drown out the ugliness of this world.

I am always happy to hear from you and thank you for visiting my blog. I would like to kindly request to please keep the messages respectful and kind. I will also not engage in any political discussion. As I have stated earlier, this post is to honor the life of George Floyd with the hopes that he will never be forgotten.

Below were the highlights of May 2020:


We received a surprise delivery from BFF via Doordash. She sent us apple pie and berry pie from Nations’ Burger. Mr Sweetie was ecstatic as he loves pies. He was planning to get some when the delivery arrived. Despite not feeling motivated, I still tried my best to be festive. I cooked BBQ pork ribs in the oven and made mashed potatoes. It was a simple but delicious meal. Sadly, as the US was celebrating Memorial Day, George Floyd also died on the evening of this holiday. Mr Sweetie and I spent the evening watching on TV the anger and protest as many US cities responded to the murder of George Floyd.


This year’s Cinco de Mayo was quite memorable. Ha! Ha! Mr. Sweetie , who is Latino, and I look forward to celebrating this holiday every year by making us a glass of margarita. We both hardly drink and only drink mixed drinks socially. He had alcohol delivered to the house and played bartender. I would say they tasted yummy. It went down smooth that I asked for another glass. That second glass should not have happened. I threw up 6 times that night. LOL! I can laugh about it now and wow, it was not pretty!


BFF met up for the first time since shelter in place in March. Since becoming BFFs over a decade ago, a month had hardly ever gone by when we would not see each other. It was also the first time when I ventured out to Downtown San Francisco since March 17. It was desolate and felt surreal! All the stores were closed and even boarded up. Hardly anyone on the streets. Since we did not have a place to meet where we could sit, we decided to stand on the sidewalk. We caught up while wearing mask and moved under an awning as it began to drizzle. I remember the day as a gloomy and sad day. It was bittersweet but we were glad that we finally see each other. As always we exchanged treats and she spoiled me with pretty masks, hand sanitizer and snacks. Such bizarre times we live in!


Life must go on, as they say. I continued to work from home three days a week and go into the office twice a week. The commute has been fraught with anxiety either with the feeling of unsafety while the train was empty with sometimes just another person in the train car, or fear of contacting the virus while commuting. I continued to cook, bake, read and garden. It is during these moments at home while indulging in these activities when I find comfort and peace. (Shelter in place has really confirmed that I am really a homebody!)

In the photos: A stack of printed books that I have read so far (not a complete stack and not including books read on Kindle) | A rose in my garden | Bags of flour I ordered online as there was a shortage of yeast and flour. I was so ecstatic to get hold of flour! | Wine set that Mr Sweetie got for me from my favorite winery in Napa Valley which is V Sattui to drink while doing Zoom Happy Hour with my girls BFF, Alexis and J | My first trip to Downtown San Francisco since the lockdown. The streets were empty and the stores were boarded up. The City looked desolate and menacing.


Up until I saw these photos, I did not realize how much I cooked and baked! And these do not even include all those banana breads that I bake every week! Banana breads are now part of Mr Sweetie’s food group! LOL!

In the photos: Picadillo (now Mr Sweetie’s fave!) | Easy Yet Delicious Udon Soup | Tomato Noodle Soup (Hmmm, still improving the recipe that I found online — not among the photos) | Simple EVOO and parmesan pasta | Delicious and comforting Arroz Caldo (Filipino Rice Congee) | Fresh Blackberry muffins for breakfast (Mr Sweetie devoured them even before I could take pictures!) | Strawberry Raspberry Jam Cake | Blueberry Lemon Bread


Visit my Instagram @msfoodloversf for our date night eats this month via food delivery. As always Saturdays were spent eating a big brunch at home, delivery from restaurants we have not tried and lots of TV and movies.

What we have watched this month: The entire two seasons of Outer Banks. We watched 7 hours of this Netflix show one Saturday! We did not even realize that we were watching for 7 hours and only took a break to order dinner from Doordash! LOL! Also saw old movies such asan 80s movie “Love Stinks” and Second Hand Lions, and newer one “Spiderman: Far From Home.”

What I am Grateful For

Despite the difficulties of this month due to isolation, constant anxiety, pandemic and racial injustices, I am grateful for the comfort of home with Mr Sweetie, and the love from my family through their voices. I have not talked to my parents every single day since moving to the US as a young adult. This pandemic brings me and my family closer together. Now I talk to my parents and siblings every day and even few times a day. I am grateful for being able to see BFF again. I am grateful for the simple joys — flour, a kitchen to bake in, dishes and breads that were enjoyed, for safety, comfort and faith……..

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