Gratitude post | june 2020

June was a very difficult month. It was a month of grieving the injustices and violence that the country and the world have witnessed. Please forgive me for not giving space to the sadness of June despite continuing to fight for social justice in my everyday life. As I have stated previously, I created this blog to lighten up my world. And now, more than ever, I would like to dwell on simple joys:


Breads, cakes and carbs bring me comfort. Maybe this was why this month, I went through a period of kitchen manic episodes (as my BFF calls it)! LOL! I went on a baking frenzy making all kinds of breads. I cannot believe that I baked so much this month! I hope to post the recipes one of these days.

I am proud to say that I finally made my first bread with yeast ever and it was a huge success! I made Mango Jam Bread. It was so good that I could not believe that I baked it myself! I had to stop Mr Sweetie from devouring the whole loaf! I also made Blackberry Chewy Cake, Raspberry Chewy Cake, Fairy Cakes, Spiced Carrot Muffins and Chile Corn Bread.

Mango Jam Bread. I wanted it to look prettier but it did not matter. It was very delicious!
Sinfully Good Chile Corn Bread
Berry Fairy Cakes
Spiced Carrot Muffins
Blackberry Chewy Cake
Raspberry Cake


My obsession with Egg Foo Young (Chinese omelet) started in May. I cooked these omelets several times this month but I really wanted to know how to make gravy like the ones served at restaurants. Since it has been years since I had Egg Foo Young, I ordered it for delivery. What I realized is that I got the omelet part down. Mine tasted pretty close to Chinese takeout but to this day, every recipe I found online for gravy tasted different. (I tried 3 versions!) And the restaurant style gravy did not not even taste close . The experiment to create the right Egg Foo Young gravy continues (whatever it really tastes like)……

My Shrimp Egg Foo Young
Poached Egg

Among my firsts (thanks to Sheltering In Place), I have learned to cook poached eggs. Yay for YouTube!

Pork Ginger Noodle Soup

I also made this super-delicious Pork Ginger Noodle Soup.


It is really bizarre times we live in! It is like living in a science fiction movie or Twilight Zone. I really felt it when we did a social distancing/drive by graduation “party” for one of our nieces who graduated from high school. Her parents set up an a station where we drove up to congratulate the graduate and give her present, gave us a plate of food and souvenir cookie while we stayed in our car. It was also the first time I got on the freeway since March 17. I was ecstatic as the 40 minute drive felt like a road trip.


I also ventured out to South of Market for the first time in months. South of Marke is a neighborhood in San Francisco that is just a mere 5 minute walk from Downtown SF but it has really been just work and home for me. I had to go for an essential meeting. As much as it looked like a scene for Hollywood apocalyptic movie with the streets empty, it was beautiful with the flowers blooming and the sun shining brightly. I also passed by Target Department Store. I know that it has been open even during the lock down but I did not have the guts to go shopping. I went in and bought little decorations for 4th of July. For the first time in months, something felt normal.


As we continue to remain safe, we have been Doordashing or Grubhubbing date nights. Eats this month were poke, Mexican food, Chicago-style deep dish pizza and Egg Foo Young (as part of my egg foo young kitchen experiment. See above! LOL!) These photos are posted on my Instagram @msfoodloversf. And as always we watch movies and Creature Feature which is our Saturday night tradition. [Movies this month were Charlie’s Angels (2019) and Wasp Woman (1959) on Creature Features. ]


Self-care for me always takes the form of food. Congee or rice porridge is always my go-to comfort food. It is so easy to make and I can get creative with toppings. It is always warm, delicious and comforting. I have also started making and eating yogurt parfait with berries and granola, as well as oatmeal with maple syrup or honey. Because I do not need to go to work, I eat better and able to eat food that brings me joy and comfort during this uncertain times. I also had an evening of wine tasting and cheese. LOL! Mr Sweetie does not drink wine so I had it by myself although I shared my cheese and crackers.

“Me time” moments always include reading cozy mysteries. (Check out what I have been reading on Instagram @cozybaylife.) Gardening has been giving me tremendous joys and hours of fun in the sun despite my little plot of land is nothing to brag about. And I discovered Downton Abbey! Consider me hooked and find me in my living room on Sundays bingeing on this show! And Sundays are for worshiping online with my family and BFF.


I am grateful for little comfort and joys in the midst of these challenging times. I am thankful for traditions that bring stability and constancy when everything is uncertain. I am full of gratitude that my loved ones and I continue to be well and healthy in body, mind and spirit. I am grateful for fun times with Mr Sweetie in our cozy home. And being able to talk to my mom and dad everyday even though they are in the Philippines, for all the loving texts and calls from family and friends. I am happy that this month has been full of sunshine, beautiful lavenders, sunflowers and flowers are in full bloom. I grateful for little joys and all of God’s provisions.

8 responses to “Gratitude post | june 2020”

  1. Thank you for sharing your joyful June post – I’m smiling while I’m reading! You’ve brightened my day! All the food looks spectacular, especially your homemade delights 😋 It’s so lovely that you and your family came together to celebrate your niece’s graduation in a unique way! Huge congratulations to your niece 🎉🎉 Ooh, and I watched Charlie’s Angels at home too 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to let me know that my post brightened your day. My goal is to celebrate simple joys and to remind myself that despite the difficulties, blessings are overflowing….. I like superhero action movies. I do not know if Charlie’s Angels are considered superheroines but I enjoyed this particular CA movie. Hope you are having a wonderful summer. (Is it summer in Singapore?) The weather has been gorgeous here and we are having a mild summer. It is not very hot at all. I hope that I am not speaking too soon! Take good care always. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • So true, blessings are overflowing and there’s great joy in simple things 🙂 I had fun watching the movie too – to me, it’s an action movie with girl power! Happy to hear that the Bay Area’s weather is lovely! Normally, it’s sunny and hot this time of the year. Right now, the weather is strangely swinging between sunny and rainy. I love our ‘fall’ which is warm with beautiful breeze. Take care and God bless! 😃


      • I spoke too soon! We are having a weird weather here. I have never experienced rain during the summer time here in the Bay Area but it is raining now! There are thunderstorms and it is muggy. It is still cozy though despite us not being used to warm tropical weather. God bless you as well. 🙂

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      • Thank you. Now, California is battling catastrophic wild fires. The air quality is really bad. It is so tragic for people who have lost their homes, Historical structures and acres upon acre of woods are burning right now. 😦


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