Pancakes, loco moco and waikiki beach

While I am experimenting on finding an awesome Loco Moco recipe, I thought that I would do a travel post of our vacation in Oahu in September 2019. Since I do not know when I can feel comfortable to travel again even if it is allowed, I can just revisit my travels through photos for now.

Loco Moco is one of my favorite Hawaiian dishes. One of the things on my travel list was to eat this dish while in Hawaii even though we were visiting Oahu while Loco Moco was supposed to have been first served on the island of Hilo. Loco Moco is such a simple dish. It is usually served with two burger patties on top of white rice with a generous amount of brown gravy. Sunny-side up eggs with runny yolks complete the dish.

Mr Sweetie and I had Loco Moco for dinner at Eggs ‘N Things which is a diner located right across from Waikiki Beach. After going for a swim in Waikiki (another item on my Hawaii list — just because), we went back to the hotel which was just 10 minutes away to change. We went back to Waikiki so I could face plant on a tower of pancakes that Egg ‘N Things is popular for, and to explore this area in Oahu.

I knew that there was no way we could finish a big stack of pancakes that was loaded with fresh fruits, whipped cream and assorted jams and syrups. We ordered it anyway along with Loco Moco each for both of us. When traveling, YOLO is a good principle to embrace. I am so glad that despite finishing just half of the pancakes, we went for it as it was one of my happy food travel memories in Hawaii. We enjoyed our Loco Moco and pancakes while having a view of Waikiki sunset across the street.

Duke Kahanamoku Statue on Waikiki Beach

I would be honest to admit that Waikiki was on the bottom of my travel list. Being from the Philippines which is a tropical country, I would rather go somewhere else in the US or the world. Last September, after feeling so overworked and run-down from traveling for work for quite a bit, I needed a vacation that was for pure pleasure. We chose Hawaii because it was not a long plane ride ( only 5 1/2 hours from San Francisco). It is still in the US so we did not have to deal with currency exchange, etc. We just wanted to live in bliss for 10 days. I was pleasantly surprised that I found myself falling in love with Oahu! We did live in paradise for 10 full days sipping Mai Tai everyday by the pool, eating really fresh seafood, stuffing ourselves with traditional Hawaiian food, and getting a healthy dose of sun and nature.

I purposely chose a hotel that was not in Waikiki but close enough. We stayed at Prince Hotel which was pure luxury. It was located in Ala Moana which was only less than 10 minutes away from Waikiki Beach. I hope to write about this hotel that was home away from home on another post.

Waikiki as I expected was very touristy. It was loud, crowded and very commercialized. The beach was beautiful, though, and the sunset was breathtaking. I had to take a dip just so I could cross “Go swimming in Waikiki” off my list. Mr Sweetie did not go into the water. We went late in the afternoon and the surf was getting strong. The water was nicely warm but the waves were knocking me down so I decided to not stay too long. We also went shopping for souvenirs but decided to go to the more popular swap meet at the Aloha Stadium that was about a 15 minute car drive. (Prices are so much cheaper!)

Overall, Waikiki was fun to explore. I bet it is paradise for surfers as we saw so many. I am also glad that I made a decision to not stay in this area. What I really wanted was solitude which is not what you will get when in Waikiki. I was just happy to visit. I really enjoyed it.

Toes in the sand kinda gal!

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  1. I feel like I’m visiting Oahu through your beautiful travel post! There’s nothing better than rejuvenating whilst surrounded by nature, especially the ocean. The Loco Moco and those pancakes look absolutely delightful. I’m craving soft, fluffy pancakes right now! Honolulu has been on my travel bucket list for a long time – and Oahu has joined the list! Thank you for ‘bringing’ us on your wonderful Hawaiian trip πŸ™‚

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