San francisco | postcards from embarcadero

Since the beginning of shelter in place on March 17, my travels have been limited to going to work twice a week and grocery shopping. I feel so cooped up but also feel comfortable that at least, I am trying to do everything to be safe.

The first place I have ventured to in 5 months has been the Embarcadero. The Embarcadero waterfront is one of my most favorite places in San Francisco. It is a historic part of San Francisco that begins near the ballpark which is Oracle Park, passing under the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge then continues north past the Ferry Building to Fisherman’s Wharf. It then extends to Pier 39 (that is popular among tourists) and ends at Pier 45.

I went for at walk on Embarcadero for the first time since March almost all the way to the ball park last July, and went back again after two weeks. My photos taken on my Samsung S10 begin from Pier 30 where the historic Red’s Java House, a rustic diner serving burgers and fries since 1930, is located. I walked by it and watched bikers order their food for takeout. Mr Sweetie and I have always talked about going here for a meal. We really have to do it one of these days. The Embarcadero was full of joggers and people soaking up the sun.

My photos end at the Ferry Building which is what my BFF and I refer to as our BFF HQ. Over the years, we have spent so many afternoons here for Happy Hour drinks at the wine bar, ate at almost every restaurant at this historic foodie haven, and sat by the waterfront while drinking coffee and talking about life. Currently, many of the stores and eateries at the Ferry Building are boarded up. I could hardly wait until everything opens again, most especially during the holidays when the Ferry Building is magical.

Thank you for taking a stroll with me through my photos.

July 2020

6 responses to “San francisco | postcards from embarcadero”

  1. So lovely place! Nice that you have been able to go out! In Finland the Covid cases are increasing again. Shops and restaurants are open and masks are recommended to be wear at public traffic. Otherwise we live quite normal life here. Take care!

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    • Hi, Life here in the Bay Area is far from normal. Depending on which county, the shops are closed. For example in San Francisco, department stores are closed while where I live which is less than half an hour away from San Francisco, the some of stores are open. Restaurants in all of Bay Area are either outdoor dining, delivery or pick up only. I am still not comfortable eating out so everything is either home cooked or delivery for us. Are indoor restaurants open in Finland? Take care!

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      • So sorry for your situation reagarding Covid-19😩 Our restaurants opened beginning og June. Firts they limited the number of people inside the restaurant, but not any longer. We have increasing number of infections again, but still only some 30 per day. You too, take care!

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      • Thank you, Minna. The Bay Area is far from returning to normal but it is looking less sad and desolate. The restaurants are providing outdoor dining and it is quite festive to see. However, I am not comfortable yet to dine out. We still get over a thousand deaths every day in the US due to Covid-19. In the meantime, I am enjoying the slow and quiet life that are one of the benefits of quarantine life. Take care! 🙂


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