Breakfasts in oahu

Crab cakes (yes, crab cakes!), kimchi, poi malasada, bacon, egg, pineapple and coffee

Breakfast was a big deal when I was a kid in the Philippines. Even on weekdays, my mom made sure that we got to eat traditional Filipino breakfasts before we went to school or the day started. It was really quite a spread — garlic rice, meats (marinated beef, fried chicken or chicken adobo), fish (fresh, smoked or salted fish), fried eggs, salted duck eggs with tomatoes and cilantro, pandesal (sweet bread rolls baked fresh everyday by the local bakery), cheese (fresh white cheese or cheddar), coconut jam, fruits and rice cakes, and hot chocolate! Looking back, I realized how blessed we were with these abundant provisions of food that my siblings and I really took for granted as just part of our everyday meals. We also never paid attention to the efforts that went into having these foods from farm to our table, or my mom’s hard work as well as her helpers who assisted in preparing our meals everyday. (And as a kid, being oblivious to the fact that many less fortunate people n the Philippines, being a third world country, barely had anything to eat.) No wonder, my parents always reminded us to be grateful at all times which I now truly comprehend as an adult.

My sister-in-law still cooks breakfast like this on a daily basis, I think, before going to work in the morning. Not as lavish as a big traditional breakfast but when my parents were visiting two years ago, I went to see them on a weekday before my sister in law, my brother and kids went to work/school. She had garlic rice, fish and fried eggs prepared! I really do not have the time to cook like this nor do I have an appetite for a big breakfast like this before going to work on weekdays. Plus, I cannot afford all the calories, no matter how delicious! Ha! Ha!

Our view everyday during breakfast while we were in Hawaii.

Mr Sweetie and I went to Oahu for vacation last October. We stayed at the Prince Waikiki Hotel (which I love, love and I now consider my one of my Happy Places!). Our package included daily breakfasts. Imagine my delight when I saw rice, fish and meats on the menu that would not be typically included in American breakfast menus! The breakfast buffet consisted of the usual suspects — pancakes, bacon, eggs, etc but with lots of added Asian and Hawaiian dishes such as fried fish, loco moco, kimchi, spam musubi, rice porridge, fried rice and other Asian dishes. I was in breakfast heaven everyday!

His and Hers Breakfasts (His)

He was in breakfast heaven as well because he was able to eat his ultimate faves everyday for 11 days — pancakes and french toasts!
With spam musubi

Since we will not be traveling this year, I thought that I would revisit our Hawaii vacation for 11 glorious day! Here are the pictures of some of our breakfasts. The American ones (pancakes, pastries, French Toasts, sausages, etc) were Mr Sweetie’s. You can tell which ones were mine because I always had rice, fish and malasadas every day! YUMS!

His and Hers Breakfasts (Mine!)

Rice, fried fish, malasada and jook (rice porridge)
Loco moco and kimchi
Jook (rice porridge/congee)

I could not get enough malasadas. Malasadas are Portuguese donuts that are popular in Oahu. (Must visit malasada shop when in Oahu is Leonard’s. More on that later.) Prince Hotel only offered one kind which was poi malasada but I did not care. I hate to admit that I ate at least two a day! LOL!

How I dream of these breakfasts to this day! Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Our view on the glass elevators coming down from our hotel room to the restaurant.

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  1. Wow! That’s an amazing spread for breakfast! Right now, I feel like having a bite to eat while reading your post, and especially while admiring all of your photos! I’m more of a ‘brunch’ person, therefore the whole range of breakfast foods sound especially delightful for brunch to me! I miss going for buffets, and reading your post has made me feel like I’m at a glorious breakfast buffet in beautiful Oahu, although I’m at home. Thank you for ‘bringing’ us on your trip, and for sharing all the yummy food 😊

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    • I am sorry that your 30th anniversary trip to Hawaii got cancelled. I hope that you get to go next year. I am also not a morning person but since breakfast was only served until 9 am, I think, we got up early. That’s early for us when on vacation! LOL! It worked out because we got to start our day to explore. And the daily breakfast buffet at Prince Waikiki was wonderful that I did not want to miss any of it! πŸ™‚

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