Pumpkin coconut seafood stew

It is still pumpkin season! I do not care if the department stores do not agree with me with all of their Christmas decorations already for sale since the first week of November! In my book, fall ends on Thanksgiving and winter starts on Black Friday. So, I am still enjoying everything fall — pumpkins, fall foliage, football…

I am having fun with pumpkins this season by eating them, having them all over the house and cooking them. I got another pumpkin from Trader Joe’s. TJ’s was such a pumpkin treasure trove this fall. It had all kinds of pumpkins. Imagine my delight when I saw Kabocha right next to sugar pumpkins and other winter squash. Kabocha or Japanese pumpkin was the type of pumpkin that I grew up eating in the Philippines as a kid. Among all of the types of pumpkins, I think Kabocha is the sweetest. It is usually prepared stewed in fresh coconut milk, green beans, chili peppers, shrimp and/or pork, and shrimp paste.

Click on the photo below to see the full recipe and more delicious photos of this Pumpkin Coconut Seafood Stew. Please let me know if you make this!


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