Hello! Welcome to Leah’s Cozy Notebook!

I initially started this blog to write about the restaurants that I visit and as a personal journal. With the pandemic, this blog has evolved as a recipe keeper. In March 2020, when I started partially working remotely from home, the kitchen became my sanctuary. In between emails and video calls, I finally had a chance to cook and bake every single day, and take pictures of the food that I made while the sun was brightly shining in my kitchen.

This blog has become a space where I keep the recipes that I tried and food photos that I took. The recipes that I adapted and developed were to suit my dietary needs and lifestyle. I guarantee that they are delicious but also healthier. Living with controlled hypertension for years which sadly runs in my genes even as a young adult and even living a very healthy lifestyle, (yes, life fail for a foodie like me!), I seek recipes that are lower in sodium and saturated fats.

I consider myself 99% vegetarian. The 1% is reserved for meats cooked with love by my family and friends, and that ribeye at a lovely steakhouse if I ever find myself in one. I will definitely enjoy few bites of those! We only live once. As a wise saying that I once came across with summarizes it for us:

“Enjoy every moment as this moment is your life.”

If you want to read more about me and my life in the San Francisco Bay Area, please visit this page or click on the image on the front page of this blog. Thank you for visiting!

Let’s make something together, and let us celebrate each day through faith, simple joys and gratitude.