Date Night: Tribune Tavern (Oakland)

04.2014, Stormy and Gloomy Afternoon

Here is the link to our 1st visit in 2013.

It was cold and wet out there, and we were super-lazy.  I did not even want to dress up for date night. I just wanted to wear stretchy yoga pants, sweatshirt and running shoes. We thought that Tribune Tavern’s casual ambiance would be the perfect place to get some comfort food without having to dress up for it.

We have been to Tribune Tavern before but on a nice sunny afternoon. We dined al fresco. We thought that with the restaurant’s open space, it might get pretty cold. However, when we got there, it was warm, festive and loud – just like how a tavern should be except this one is not your traditional tavern. What Tribune Tavern really serves is New American cuisine.

These were what we ordered:

  • A glass of Zinfandel which was not full-bodied enough for me but drinkable enough for $6 which is Happy Hour price.
  • Guilty Fries $17 (beer, cheese fondue and pulled pork) for the BF. Just the thought of this combo made me shiver. I did not even want try it.
  • Barbecue Chicken Wings $12 for the BF as well.
  • Buckwheat Polenta $12 with asparagus, English peas, slow cooked egg for me.
  • A side of fries and aioli $6 for me.
  • Walnut Chocolate Pudding with ice cream and caramel sauce $7. We usually do not order dessert but we wanted to linger. This dessert was okay.


It was a very enjoyable meal. We enjoyed the party-like but not rowdy ambiance that brought a little excitement in our otherwise lazy Saturday afternoon.

My guy loved his Guilty Fries but his chicken wings stayed in the fryer few minutes too long– making them slightly over-fried. My Crispy Polenta dish would have been fabulous. The polenta was hot, flavorful and crispy while the veggies were very fresh and crisp. However, the Sriracha sauce ruined this dish. It should have been served with some white sauce instead.

We still like this place and we will be back again for lesser guilt California comfort food.


By the way, I love this building’s history. Not only was it the former home of Oakland’s newspaper – The Oakland Tribune,  a lot of the character of the building was retained by new resident as well, thank God.

My most favorite trivia, though, was in 1923, Harry Houdini did one of his escapist acts from the building’s 9th floor. How’s that for history?!


                                    (including tax and tip)

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ Not as great as the first time but we still liked it!

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