San francisco | fabulous birthday lunch at waterbar

What I really wanted to put on the title was “The Most Fabulous BFF Birthday Lunch…..” but it was a little too long. My birthday lunch treat by my bestest friend in the world was definitely super-fabulous. BFF and I have a birthday tradition that we do year after year in over a decade of our friendship. We celebrate each other’s birthday every year but finding the date around our actual birthday is really a challenge with our very busy life schedule. Somehow we developed this tradition to do a post-birthday celebration. When I say “post,” I mean like months after our birthday. And you know what is great about that? We extend our special day, we celebrate not just one day in a year but two and the day is really special because it is just ours to do as we please.

This year’s celebration was at Waterbar in San Francisco. God was in on the celebration as well when He gifted us this exceptionally beautiful weather. It had been raining the previous days before and after this day. The bright sunny day was the perfect day for al fresco dining which is really the way to go when having a meal at Waterbar.

Waterbar is one of the most picturesque places to eat in San Francisco. Located on Embarcadero, we had the stunning Bay Bridge as our backdraft against the blue sky with just a touch of white swirly clouds . As it was a such a lovely day, people where out and about walking, jogging and enjoying the sun during their lunch break.

The venue was gorgeous while the food was fabulous. BFF was truly generous and really made me feel very special on my birthday. We started off with a dozen oysters followed by a nice refreshing beets salad. We also shared a seafood paella and an octopus dish.

Waterbar changes its menu everyday. I do not remember the exact dishes that we had but what is imprinted in my memory is how enjoyable and delicious every bite was, the sun in our eyes and the lovely company. We devoured the fresh bread basket with butter topped with seasalt while imbibing on our drinks. BFF had an Aperol Spritz while I could not even remember what I had.

All I can remember is this afternoon was sheer fabulousity. After our lunch we walked to the Ferry Building which was just about a 10 minute walk if not less from Waterbar. We walked by Cupid’s Span which has been on my list to take a picture of. (Even though I work in San Francisco, I really do not get to really enjoy what this awesome city has to offer. NOTE TO SELF: Make time to explore the beautiful neighborhoods of San Francisco. Be a tourist for a day!)

And as always, the Ferry Building is big part of our tradition. We call it our BFF HQ (Best Friends Forever Head Quarter) as this is the venue of many of our BFF afternoons or we end up here to hangout, drink wine or coffee.

At the Ferry Building, BFF gave me my presents. Contained in a big box are the cutest and sweetest things that she knows I truly enjoy. I am such a blessed gal to be so loved and cherished, and gifted in this life with an amazing woman who is BFF. This day is truly one day that is unforgettable!

Grateful for this beautiful day of friendship!

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