Nashville, tennessee | “best sandwich in america” at biscuit love

I was in Nashville, Tennessee, for a spell. I only had one day for exploring while the next day was a full work day until I flew back to San Francisco the following morning.

It was raining hard as well during the 3 days/2 nights that I was there. I was really not in the mood to venture out. My wanderlust button was “turned off.” All I wanted to do was stay in my hotel room after a long 4 hour flight (not including arriving at the San Francisco Airport 2 1/2 hours before my flight). But I had to see a little bit of Nashville.

After sleeping in until 10:00 am (8:00 am San Francisco time) the next day after I arrived, I braved the rain and the 28 degree weather. Luckily, I was well-prepared with my puffy coat, UGGs and umbrella. There was only one place in Nashville that I wanted to check out — Biscuit Love. The other to-do item on my list was to eat a BBQ because — that is what you eat when you are in Tennessee! ( I know that you music lovers will be soooo disappointed in me for not partaking in the music scene. That will be for another trip, I promise!)

I do love any type of music and I was only in Nashville for a limited time with a packed schedule. Music or food? Hmmmm, food! I think I am more of a foodie than a groupie.

Captured from Biscuit Love’s website

I found Biscuit Love during my internet search of places to eat close to where I was staying (which was the Holiday Inn Express on Broadway). It was less than a 15 minute walk from downtown. And I am so happy that I found Biscuit Love. It was love at first bite! I already made up my mind to eat fried chicken while in the South. Biscuit Love’s menu touts East Nasty as the Best Sandwich in America. Being the food lover that I am, I just had to get it. (Bon Appetit named East Nasty as the Best Sandwich of 2015.) Whether it is really the best sandwich ever, I would say that my sandwich was up there among the yummiest sandwiches that I have ever tried.

East Nasty was buttermilk biscuit topped with boneless chicken thigh, aged cheddar and sausage gravy. It was a toss-up at first for me between Princess or East Nasty. Princess was also buttermilk biscuit topped with “hot chicken” which what everyone told us to eat in Nashville. Biscuit Love’s secret menu is “Nasty Princess” which is the combo between East Nasty and Princess. Anyway, after going back and forth, I decided to go for the award winning sandwich. Did I already say “scrumptious”?! It was truly amazing. The biscuit was fluffy, the chicken was juicy while the batter was very flavorful. I ordered a sunny side up on top on my sandwich for $2 more. (Go big or go home!) I also like that the sausage gravy did not overwhelm my sandwich. I do not like my food saucy. I often ask for sauce on the side. My sandwich was just perfect.

And then there were the BONUTS. Yup, bonuts as in biscuit and donuts. These oversized donut holes were served with blueberry jam and topped with mascarpone cheese. My BFF asked if they were like beignets. I really do not think so. They were on the dense side, not cakey and not your typical donut hole but they were yummy! They were not that unique but I honestly want them again right now!

If and when I ever go back to Nashville, I am definitely eating at Biscuit Love again. I will order the “Nasty Princess” and definitely bonuts. I only ate two of the bonuts and almost finished my sandwich. I was not expecting to polish my food but I did not know when I will get this wonderful foodie opportunity again. The indigestion that I got later was so worth it!

There are two Biscuit Love locations. The one I went to was at The Gulch which was the trendy neighborhood in Nashville. The restaurant was cute with spacious with high ceilings. It was definitely Instagrammable. To order, I paid at the counter, took my number to my table and my order was delivered. Staff were attentive and friendly. I read that the lines are often long, sometimes close to an hour wait. When I went there at 11:45 am on a rainy Monday, there were only 3 parties ahead of me and I got seated right away.

Definitely put Biscuit Love on your list if you find yourself in Nashville. Even vegetarians will find yummy items on the menu. Definitely a great place to indulge in Southern comfort food.

6 responses to “Nashville, tennessee | “best sandwich in america” at biscuit love”

  1. I am so jealous that you’ve been to Biscuit Love! I’ve been wanting to go there ever since Trisha Yearwood featured it on her cooking show a few years back. I adore buttermilk biscuits, but I suck at making them, haha. So, I need to get my fix from others’ kitchens. ๐Ÿ™‚ I, also, plan to eat fried chicken and biscuits every time I’m in the South; I’m in NJ, and we Yankees have a tough time getting those two Southern staples right, haha. The sandwich and the donuts you had look AWESOME. I’m with you on not liking things too saucy, btw. I hate anything soggy, and I also ask for sauces on the side so I can adjust my own levels of sauciness, haha.

    If you’re looking to try Nashville chicken at home, check out my recipe:

    It’s SPICY, but delicious. And, you can serve the sauce on the side. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • It was pure serendipity with my discovery of Biscuit Love. It was the one single highlight of my trip to Nashville as I was there for work, did not have time to explore and it was raining! (Then it was the tornado days later after I left Nashville!) Thankfully, Biscuit Love was spared so definitely go next time! By the way, I read an article why we cannot bake biscuits like how they make them in the south. It is the flour that they use which is While Lily Flour that is only available in Southern states. It has something to do with the flour’s gluten content: I am tempted to order this flour in the mail! ๐Ÿ™‚


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