Foot Loose in San Francisco


Yesterday’s hot 90 degree weather means it is time to dig through the closet for summer dresses and sandals. And I really had to. We get about 3 days of super hot weather in San Francisco a year (okay, maybe 5). That’s why I live in my boots pretty much every season.

I was so happy when I found these sandals buried somewhere in my closet. So far, aside from my UGG’s, these are the most comfortable shoes that I own, and they totally made my feet happy today in this beautiful but warm day.

Shoe Story:

I bought these sandals when I went shopping with my mom at Divisoria when I visited the Philippines last year. They were only 200 pesos ($5)!

They are the cheapest shoes that I own so far but the most comfy. They are so cute that I got tons of compliments from my co-workers today. And I proudly told them “I got them from the Philippines for mere $5!” It was fun to watch their jaw drop!

My only regret is I wish I got 2 more pairs…..

05.01.14, 84 degrees, San Francisco

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