Date Night @ Boudin (SF)


A visit to Fishermans Wharf is not complete if we do not set foot at Boudin Bakery. One of the many things San Francisco is famous for is sourdough bread. There are many artisanal bakeries in the Bay Area but Boudin is world-famous and has been around since 1849.

The flagship bakery at the Wharf is so much fun to visit. It is a food boutique/cafe/bakery in one.

I really just wanted to stand on the sidewalk where I could  watch the baker shape the bread into fun shapes like crocodile, teddy bear, fish, turtle, etc. Of course, we could not resist going in. My guy made out with cookies, volcano (garlic and cheese) bread,  a couple of “turtles” and raisin and chocolate bread (which is so yummy that I had to freeze half for later!) Happy day!

Maybe next time I will finally try the Boudin Sourdough Breadbowl  (clam chowder in freshly baked sourdough bread bowl)!


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