A Saturday Just For Me: Land’s End (SF)

An afternoon of solitude at one of Golden Gate National Parks. I went hiking by the ocean and saw wildflowers by the Cypress woods. I was just expecting to see Sutro Baths but forgot how phenomenally stunning the views were. Ocean Beach is not even an hour away from home but I have not been here in at least two years. I used to run here everyday. I completely forgot that the Golden Bridge was the treat waiting for me as I was hiking. It took my breath away when I saw the vast blueish green ocean met with the blue sky, and a ship passing under the unique orange color of Golden Gate Bridge. It was just simply majestic. A perfect place for lovers or someone trying to get her soul filled with nature.  There are so many spots to hike to and I just need to get to them next time.

06.14.14, Warm Saturday Afternoon at 5 pm

Note to Self:  Next time hike to Sutro Baths and Miles Rock Beach

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