Little Escape:  Oakland Chinatown

Oakland Chinatown has a special place in my heart. My very first job straight out of grad school many years ago was located in Oakland Chinatown. I was establishing my life and career as a young person who has just embraced total independence. Life back then was simple but fun even with not a lot of disposable income after rent, etc. It was scary, but I also remember being giddy with excitement at what my future held for me.  Oakland Chinatown was one of my major haunts back then because it was cheap and full of delicious food. I had many dining memories here with friends befitting the tiny pocketbook of  young new professionals. I shopped here for cheap veggies and fresh seafood. I filled up on $1 dim sum. I ate many bowls of jook (congee) and many plates of roast pork and duck at  Gum Kuo – my favorite restaurant. A boba drink was always a must to satisfy my sweet tooth at the Sweet Booth and lastly, a stroll through the Asian Cultural Center in heart of Chinatown which served as an oasis when it was quiet.

I  decided to make a quick stop yesterday since I did not have to rush home while my guy was away on a business trip. I was not expecting for the visit to be a little bit of emotional experience.  It was bittersweet to realize how far I have come from many moons ago when I was an awkward young girl who was uncertain of her future. I can say that after many years,  life has proven to be filled with uncountable blessings. Through the years, I gained a better stronghold on my financial future and achieved many of my dreams. It was a nice afternoon to go back to walk down memory lane and fill up on dim sum – just like the good old days. 🙂 God is faithful and good…..

06.19.14, Thursday @ 5 pm, Oakland

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