The Nephew And I


100 Blessings

     16. An Afternoon of Fun with my Nephew

I truly believe that God knows how I feel like a true friend who knows me really well. I have been feeling sad that I have missed many opportunities to spend time with my family because of being sick for a week and half.  I was not able to go with them when they went to visit the major tourist spots in SF like Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, etc. I did not get to go  Monterey Fisherman’s Wharf with them, either. I spent the Labor Day Weekend pretty much at home. 

On Monday, which is the actual Labor Day weekend, I was already feeling better and feeling bored. The BF and I were about to go out for a movie and dinner when my sister called me. She asked me if I want to spend time with my 11 year old nephew while they go to the new casino with my parents. (I know!)

My friends and family know that I hate the casinos so I would not even go. They dropped off my nephew at our house. I was ecstatic! This has been the first time that I have been able to hangout with my nephew again since he was a baby. Sure, I visit him at his parents’ house and go to every single birthday and family parties. I used to go to the Philippines every 6 months every year just so I could visit him when he and his mom (my sister) went back for 3 years.  I love my nephews and niece but Gabriel  is the one that I held when he was just two days old at the hospital. He is the one that I spent playing on the beaches in the Philippines with. I am there all along as he is growing up. 

The BF and I took him to dinner at the Elephant Bar and spoiled him with candies at It’s Sugar. We went home, watched Lego Land and hid under the covers while we were watching “John Carpenter’s Vampires” (his first vampire movie) until past 10 pm. We snacked on Spicy Cheetos while he ate another dinner of the linguine.

We had so much fun. They grow up so fast and I do not know when I will get to hangout with him again. Next time I know, he is already  too cool to hangout with his aunt. He is such a respectful and well-mannered sweet kid with a big appetite!

I will always treasure this memory.

Going back to my original point, I could not be with my family so God found a way to bring my family to me.

Photo: My nephew sipping a root beer float at the Elephant Bar.

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