Date Night @ True Burger (Oakland)

01. 17. 15

After hanging out all day with my parents at the Great Mall, it was too late to go somewhere for date night. The BF suggested for us to check out True Burger which just opened in the trendy Temescal neighborhood.

What a great addition! True Burger’s space is very contemporary, minimalist and modern-industrial.

The menu is small but adequate to satisfy a burger-crazed person:  burgers, fries, milkshakes, beer and soda.

The pride is in serving an “all natural, pasture raised beef (no hormones, no antibiotics) that is ground daily  and hand-formed into 4.8oz. patties. The burgers are then seasoned and seared “diner style”on a flat top griddle and served on a soft egg bun. Milkshakes are made with premium ice cream and spun to order…."   

 I hardly eat burgers but next time I have the cravings, I will definitely go to True Burger. I love the burgers that others have compared to "In N Out” which I like as well.  As for me, I will go back to True Burger because the burgers are solid,  I would like to support Oakland and I can walk to this place from my house!

What we had:

  • Hamburger $5.5, coleslaw $3 and bottled root beer: I am a “single patty/tomato/lettuce” gal. Hold the cheese. I do not like masking the tastes of the beef  with other toppings. My burger was dripping with juices and delish. I made a commitment to not eat French Fries this year so I had the coleslaw instead. It was nice, mild and crunchy.
  • Cheesey burger $6 , fries$3.75 and soda: The BF’s order which he really enjoyed.

A simple but fun date night.

CHECK: $33 including tax and tip

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