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Grand Hyatt is becoming my favorite hotel chain to check-in every time I travel for business. I have stayed at the Grand Hyatt in San Antonio, TX and Rochester, NY. The latest work trip brought me to Seattle and Grand Hyatt Seattle provided me with plenty of good night’s rest.

Call me boring but I really prefer to stay at chain hotels whenever I travel for work. A personal travel for pleasure, that is a different story. That is when I choose to be adventurous and that includes where I choose to stay. For business, though, I really value the dependability of chains because I know what to expect. Business trips can be stressful enough as it is. I need to be able to be sure that I will be taken care of when I land in a new city where I work my behind off.

My room at the Grand Hyatt has not been the most attractive. I mean, it was still very nice but just soulless. (My room in Rochester, New York Grand Hyatt was the best. Well, I guess because I had an awesome view and my hosts really hook me up. I had a ginormous suite!)

So before I go straight to the show of the “show and tell” portion of this post — why do I prefer Grand Hyatt? I like that the rooms are nice and spacious. The bathrooms are lovely with deep marble tubs and “rain” shower heads. The location is always perfect to where I need to go which is often downtown or the financial district part of that city. And here are the real reasons — freebies! I really do not need to worry if I forgot my toothbrush or I did not bring my slippers. A list of creature comforts are all available either free to take home (slippers, wine opener, deodorant) or to borrow (fluffy bathrobe). And here are the pictures of my room in Seattle:

The view from my room.
View from my room at night
And in the morning
Wine and hot bath! Yes, please!
These are the yummylicious pastries that I got at Pirosky Pirosky at the Pike Place Market. I had the curry rice chicken and white cherry chocolate. YUMS!

Travel tip: Get yourself some pastry or eats so you can have breakfast in bed in the morning. One of my most precious memories is being able to stay in bed for a little bit when traveling where I can enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a pastry that I got the night before.


I also get myself a bottle of wine usually after all my business stuff are over and always on my last day of my trip. It is sort of a celebration for a job well done.

TRAVEL TIP: Go to a convenience store and grab yourself a nice bottle of wine. There are often great selections from cheap to fine wines but you will not have to deal with the markup at fancier wine stores or bars.

*This is not a sponsored post. This is just based on pure personal experience.

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