Oakland | tacos & shipping container at tacos oscar

My co-worker who lives in San Francisco told me about Tacos Oscar. The irony is that we live in the neighborhood in Oakland where Tacos Oscar is located but did not know about this new eatery. I am really no longer in the foodie scene. No, not retired but just no longer chasing the latest food hype.

It was a beautiful spring day this Saturday. The sun was out, the sky was blue and the temperature was perfectly mild! At last, light sweater weather has arrived, at least for this weekend. Mr Sweetie and I decided to walk to Tacos Oscar. It was still bright despite already being past 6:00 PM. It was a lovely walk in the hood. We walked by our neighbors’ gardens where daffodils, tulips and flowers of different varieties are in full bloom.

Tacos Oscar was so cool! It is not a traditional restaurant but a shipping container that is all the rave in the outrageously unaffordable Bay Area real estate. It is a bright, artsy outdoor space decorated with modular tables and wooden benches. I just love the vibrant colors. The mood was festive with lively music mixing in with the excited buzz of hungry customers (including us!).

Now on to the most important part — the food! It was tacos, of course! The blackboard menu was a little overwhelming but Mr Sweetie and I just decided to get a bunch of stuff. From what I read the menu changes. We opted for:

  • 2 Fried Egg Tacos
  • 2 Carnitas Tacos
  • Chips and Salsa
  • Mexican Coke for him
  • Orange Beer for me


We really enjoyed both the food and dining experience at Tacos Oscar. Tacos are $4 each but generously piled with meats just like our carnitas tacos. I told Mr Sweetie that I did not want the egg tacos but he did not hear me. Luckily, he ordered them because the texture and flavors just exploded in my mouth! And I am not just talking like a pretentious foodie. The roasted salsa, sunny side up egg and cheese tasted like they were made for each other.

I was afraid that staff will be cold and unfriendly in hipster joints like Tacos Oscar. Our experience was very pleasant. The staff were very kind, warm and attentive.

We are so glad that Tacos Oscar joined the 40th corridor family. I was surprised that we were able to find a place to sit down comfortably on a lovely evening that we were there. The place was busy but so were the restaurants we walked by along 40th such as The Home Room (mac and cheese), Bier Haus (German pub) and Hog’s Apothecary.

Speaking of German pub, our date night continues at Bier Haus on our way home. Stay tuned for another delicious post!

Final Tab: $35 including tax and tip

Eater’s Article on Tacos Oscar: Inside Tacos Oscar Bright Oakland-Style Taco Shop


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