Date Night at Tambo Peruvian (Oakland)


We randomly chose Tambo Restaurant for dinner during the July 4th holiday weekend where we pretty much did not do anything but eat, sleep and watch movies.

Located in Downtown Oakland, it is a casual place that is family-friendly yet nice enough for a cozy date night.

Every dish we had was good and tasty. However, for the price point and portions, Tambo will not be a place where we will go back for repeat dinner. We had:

  • Complimentary croquettes
  • Empanada sampler           $17
  • Lomo Saltado (E’s order)  $18
  • Arroz Inti (for me)              $22
  • A glass of CP Chardonnay Reserva $9

It was very noticeable that they were holding back on the amount of the major ingredients. Sorry to say, to the point of stingy-ness.  I do understand that they source their ingredients from Oakland’s local farms. I do appreciate that.   My guy had few little pieces of beef over a bed of fries in his Lomo Saltado. Not a great value for $18. (Lomo Saltado is similar to Filipino bistek which is beef marinated in soy sauce, lime and onions.)

My Arroz Inti was a Chinese-influenced Peruvian dish. I had ONE shrimp with some seafood in my fried rice. It was mostly rice. This has been the most expensive fried rice that I have had so far for $22. It tasted good, though.

I did not care for the wine. It was very light-bodied but to be fair, it tasted better when I drank it with my dish.

Peruvian food is among my most favorite cuisines. We had made our rounds in San Francisco’s more known Peruvian restaurants such as Limon, Fresca, La Fusion, La Mar Cebicheria Peruana, La Fina Estampa and Piqueo. I think I have an adequate enough experience of Peruvian restaurants to make a fair comparison.

Click here to see my post on Fresca for comparison. Lots more food for $4 more, right?

Aside from La Mar which is fine dining Peruvian, we have left the ones I have mentioned above with a full belly and doggy bag for about the same check we had at Tambo. However, at Tambo, we were still a little hungry later sans leftover. (Leftovers make me happy!) :/

Total: $87 including tip, a glass of wine and iced tea

Just Okay. ♡ 

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