My fall list 2019

Hello, fall! I mean, really, HELLO! I am so happy that you are here! You are pretty late this year but better late than never.

My dad asked me last time my parents were visiting us in the US what my favorite season is. I told him that it is fall, followed by winter and spring — in this exact order. I am not a fan of summer at all. If I could live in a place where there are only three seasons, I would rather just visit summer as a vacation destination. I can really skip summer all together and live in perpetual spring, fall and winter.

Fall is my most awaited moment every year. With the freakishly warm couple of weeks that we had in the Bay Area in October, and the sad and unfortunate wildfires in California, I could not get into the fall mode this year. I still made efforts but it was hard to feel fall when it was so bright and sunny, and almost 80 degrees outside!

Finally, the weather has turned chilly in the mornings at around mid-40’s and perfect 60’s in the afternoon, it is finally long boots, scarf and sweater weather. This is my uniform for the rest of the year until around June, even. San Francisco Bay Area weather is year round gorgeous. I really have no reason to complain at all.

So since I am finally in fall mood, and starting to feel a little giddy, I can now create my FALL LIST 2019 in November. As I have said, better late than never. Then I will truly be devastated if I could not celebrate my most favorite season.


🍁 Go pumpkin crazy…. I have little pumpkins all over the house and two big pumpkins on my patio. I wanted to get more including fairy tale pumpkins but because I was not feeling fall, I settled for two big pumpkins.

🍁 Load up on fall treats from Trader Joe’s…. I am very lucky that I live just few blocks away from TJ’s. Every Friday after work, I make a stop at TJ’s to load up on snacks, wine and treats for the weekend. Trader Joe’s brings the simplest and smallest joys of the seasons. During fall, it is full of the yummiest treats. So far, I have been enjoying different types of pumpkins for decorating and eating, pumpkin spice candles, pumpkin pastries, pumpkin salsa, pumpkin pasta, pumpkin sausages….. I mean, TJ’s can really go pumpkin crazy that as equally pumpkin crazy as I am, I would rather opt out on some of their ideas. (Like Pumpkin Coffee. I tried in the past but umm, no, thanks!)

🍁 Maple is the new pumpkin…. Yes, during fall this year, maple is sharing the spotlight with pumpkin. I bought a loaf of Maple Streusel Bread. Then BFF got me a jar of Maple Butter. And we were both hopelessly addicted. Every Friday, I NEED to buy a loaf of the maple bread. Even Mr Sweetie could not resist. He thought I was making French Toasts when I popped a slice in the toaster. The house just smelled so good!

🍁 Bake a whole pumpkin…. I did it! I saw the recipe of Baked Sweet Brown Pumpkin With Mushrooms around summer time on one of my favorite blogs, Cooking Without Limits. I promised myself that come pumpkin season, I will bake one. I cooked my own version but she inspired me. And it was delicious! I will post photos of my baked pumpkin soon.

🍁 Decorate the house for halloween….Decorating my house for halloween is another fall activity that I really look forward to. It really brings out the kid in me. Halloween was just a couple of days ago and it was perfect! I posted the photos of my halloween decors here.

🍁 Watch cute halloween movies…If I can help it, I will never do scary. Being in a relationship, compromise is necessary. Mr Sweetie chose one of the gory classic Halloween movies and some ghost shows. In fairness to him, he recorded my cute Disney shows such as Raven and Jessie, and some other cutely shows which I only watch during October but how I love them around this time of the year!

🍁 Enjoy a fall brunch date with Mr Sweetie…. It was unplanned but we had a nice brunch at Black Bear Diner on Indigenous People’s Day which was a holiday for me.

Here are some more of my Fall Goals this year that I have yet to tackle. And my list goes on…..

🍁Drink a pumpkin spice latte….I hardly ever buy Starbucks during the year. I just do not like sugary coffee and I also do not like to pay $5 per cup! During the holidays, though, I indulge here and there, and at least enjoy a cup of PSL.

🍁 Bake a fall-inspired pastry.

🍁 Step on crunchy leaves of different colors…. I am looking out of my window right now as I am writing this and the leaves are still on the branches. And the leaves in my neck of woods have not changed colors yet! In fact, the leaves outside are still very green, and the flowers are in bloom. What the heck! By this time of the year, my backyard is already full of yellow and brown leaves. (We do not have a true fall where I live, but still!)

🍁 Schedule a Friendsgiving lunch with my girls.

🍁 Museum coffee date with BFF before Thanksgiving.

🍁 Create a Gratitude List.

🍁 Light the wood fireplace on cozy cold evenings…. Hopefully, the wild fires are contained, the air quality gets better, and people are able to go back home, or have found a safe place for those who have lost theirs.

What I missed doing this year……..

🍁 Visit a pumpkin patch…. Last year I really had a great time with Mr Sweetie visiting a lovely pumpkin patch tucked away behind country back roads. We did not get to go because of the wild fires this year. I am not even sure if it has been affected as the wildfires were in that area. Next year again, hopefully!

🍁 Church Harvest Festival…. I look forward to spending time with my nephews and niece at our church Harvest Festival (instead of halloween). This year, though, it was held on October 31st which fell on a Thursday instead of Saturday and Sunday. Sadly, I could not go as our church in San Jose is a long ways from San Francisco where I work. Hopefully, next October!

And I hope to continue to enjoy these……

🍁 Fall reads…. I am in the middle of a wonderfully written historical literary fiction, Company of Liars, which is about the plague in Europe in the 1300s. It is the perfect read for this season — chilling and dark. I am half-way but I decided to put it down until next fall. (I like to read according to the season. I stop reading a book when the season changes and it does not match the mood of that time of the year. I am good at picking it back up again to finish it. I am enjoying Company of Liars so much but I decided to stop reading for now as it is dark, and I suspect will get darker as the characters with their own secrets continue to flee from the plague. I would like to read something bright and uplifting for the upcoming holidays.

🍁 Cozy Saturday fall mornings… Drinking sweet and flavored coffees, enjoying warm toasts with cinnamon spread, veggies omelets and sausages (for Mr Sweetie). Pretty much our weekly weekend tradition but cozier.

🍁 Enjoy the changing of the seasons with BFF…. We both love fall, cozy reads, yummy treats and simple joys– which is why we are BFF’s. Fall is fun with her as we share treats and text each other about the next yummy fall finds!

🍁 Capture the colors of fall…. I love taking photos of fall colors. They are free, kind to the environment and they keep on bringing me joy as I look back at them again years later.

I might add some more but I think that this is plenty for now! Have a cozy and restful fall season!

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